Upgrading the River Leven’s Environmental Character along its passage through Stokesley

In 2005, after a long series of meetings involving the Stokesley Parish Council, SPIOTA and the newly formed Stokesley River Leven Group it was decided that the internationally acclaimed River Research Centre should be invited to advise on what could be done.

The stretch of river covered in the exercise lies between the flood control gates of the Flood Relief Channel on the north and south of the town. The Flood Relief channel consists of a length of man-made channel between the Leven coming from Great Ayton and the Broughton Beck which, in itself, has been widened to river status where it passes Stokesley. This section then rejoins the River Leven below Stokesley whence it continues through Hutton Rudby and proceeds to join the River Tees near Yarm.

The Flood Relief Channel is within the care of the Environment Agency, as are all rivers in the UK. Therefore all works to the river system must be referred to the Environment Agency for approval before implementation. The EA care is mainly related to flooding but also covers general environmental features, wildlife and nature.

The Stokesley River Leven Enhancement Scheme is as illustrated and described below:-

Map of the Leven through Stokesley

Funding will be required for the Enhancement Scheme to the tune of some £75000. This may have to come from a variety of sources so that it is not yet certain whether all works could be done in one operation.