The River Leven through Stokesley

The section of the River Leven that flows through Stokesley has a control at each end to safeguard the town from being flooded. The system was installed in 1978 and, apart from some flooding on the perimeter of the town, it has kept the town flood-free until now.

The photographs and maps on the coming pages show the Stokesley course of the river, starting with the approach from Great Ayton, through the fields to the town and then from the town to the junction with the Eller Beck that, with the Flood Relief Channel, carries flood water around the town.

The images were taken at varying times and do not depict a particular moment in time. They do represent different seasonal aspects, though.

The links below will display a key map of Stokesley - choose either the key map which gives access to sub-maps of sections of the river; or the key map which gives access to photos of sections of the river.

The Stokesley River Leven Group has begun a project to enhance the general ambience of the river environment through Stokesley because the Flood Relief scheme has deprived the town of the flow quantity needed to keep it in good condition.

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