Preston Grammar School Plaque - photograph courtesy of Derek Whiting

This plaque is on the building which was Preston Grammar School. This attractive stone building is now a takeaway food outlet next to Howards restaurant, in College Square.

In his will, dated 1805, John Preston, an attorney in the town, decreed that the sum of £2000 be invested in Government Bonds, and the annual income from it used firstly "In building a new school, or enlarging the old one (which was built by public subscription in 1734) and afterwards in paying a schoolmaster duly qualified in teaching the classics, English, writing and arithmetic".

Mr. Preston did not die until 1814, and immediately there was contention by his family about the bequest. However, the money was invested by the Trustees in 1815 pending the result of the court decision. When this finally came, the investment had increased in value to over £4000.

I am grateful to the Stokesley Local History Study Group for the above information, which came from their publication " STOKESLEY - Further Aspects of Victorian Everyday Life "