Publications (to purchase, try the Yorkshire Store in Stokesley, or use the "Contact Us" page to make a request by email)

A guide to repair and alteration of your building in the Stokesley Conservation Area This is the latest publication. It provides a guide to the repair and alteration of buildings in the Conservation Area. It contains useful telephone numbers, and details of resources which can be accessed to explain the various processes involved in ensuring adherence to the planning rules. To read the full text, click here. A guided walk around the townA guided walk round the town in a 44 page booklet, including a map. Now sold in the Yorkshire Store (tel 711683).
An overview of the architecture found in Stokesley, and advice on its preservationA booklet giving an overview of architectural styles and building practices found in Stokesley, and an overview of how it can be preserved. This is available for 25p. A pictorial history of ClevelandA pictorial history of Cleveland, with many line drawings, by the well-known artist Alec Wright.
A Stokesley Diary 1901-1971 by Charles and Marion HallA Stokesley Diary 1901-1971 by Charles and Marion Hall provides an account of changes in our way of life, seen through the eyes of local residents and country lovers. Price £7.50. Unfortunately this is out of print, but may be found in the local library. The Buildings of StokesleyThe Buildings of Stokesley: a hardback millennium publication, now sold out, but available in the Reference Section of Stokesley Library.
A video of a selection of photosMaurice Wilson bases A Walk Around Stokesley on a selection of old photos from the late 1800's, onwards, with a commentary. A Scrap-Book of Stokesley is similar, but also includes coverage of surrounding villages. Both are priced at £7.50. No stocks of these remain with the society, but they may still be found in charity shops. Audio tapesA pair of audiotapes, John Mawer Remembers records John Mawer talking to Maurice Wilson, with recollections of a wide range of local topics. Price £7.50 for the pair. No stocks of these remain with the society.